Feminist Foreign Policy in Crisis Settings

EU Feminist Foreign Policy on Syria: How a holistic perspective can inform EU policymaking on Syria

After ten years of war in Syria, a political solution to the conflict, responding to needs and rights of all Syrians, seems out of reach. The conflict has disproportionally affected women and marginalized groups, while their role in conflict resolution has been sidelined. The EU’s current approach does not offer ways out of the political impasse. The study applies feminist foreign policy as an analytical framework which takes the realities of peace and conflict into account, and places gender equality, women’s and human rights at the heart. Read the full study here (Arabic version).

This policy paper was written for and published by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.

Security Needs Assessment Syria

A sound analysis of citizens’ experiences with security and justice provision

Nora-Elise Beck and Lars Döbert designed and implemented this comprehensive security needs assessment among the Syrian diaspora in Germany. The survey results are presented in a series of nine thematic working papers. The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung financed and supported the publication of results.

This security needs assessment aims to contribute to open access information on good governance and security sector reform in Syria. It was specifically designed to understand citizens’ needs and identify entry points for citizen-oriented security sector reform efforts.

Security Sector Reform and Post-War Reconstruction

Reconstruction and Security Sector Reform in Syria Must Go Hand in Hand

With hostilities in Syria being stalled, post-war reconstruction is being discussed more and more. As the security sector was one of the major causes of the war in Syria, its reform needs to be part of the solution. The policy brief argues that a continuity of the pre-conflict security sector set-up will inevitably entrench the conditions that led to the outbreak of the conflict.
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Citizen-Centred Security Sector Reform

Towards Citizen-Oriented SSR: A Needs Assessment with Syrians in Germany

Any security sector reform process should follow security needs assessments. Understanding the perceptions and necessities of citizens for feeling safe and secure, particularly in post-conflict environments, has an impact on the effectiveness and sustainability of security sector reform interventions. This policy brief presents the results of a security needs assessment with the Syrian diaspora in Germany.  Read full article here