Visions of ideal security provision and good governance for a post-war Syria

Nora-Elise Beck and Lars Döbert designed and implemented this comprehensive survey among the Syrian diaspora in Germany. The leading question is how Syrians envision a future security sector and a corresponding reform process for their country to regain confidence in the provision of state security.

From March to August 2018, a total of 2.318 Syrians living in Germany followed the link to the survey; 619 completed it. First results have been released in May 2019.

The questionnaire included 63 questions in Modern Standard Arabic and covered, for example, personal experiences with insecurity and injustice in Syria before and during the war, an assessment of Syrian state security providers and elements of an ideal security sector for post-war Syria. The results give detailed insights into the visions of Syrians regarding numerous topics related to security and justice sector reform such as citizen-oriented security provision, transparency, oversight, foreign assistance, etc.

If you are interested in the survey and its results, please get in contact with the authors.